Sterilization Control

We offer a selection of products for sterilization process control.

The bioindicators used in food industry and in automated cleaning processes in labs are preparations of microorganisms used to supervise sterilisation.

These preparations contain spores from microorganisms specifically selected to resist high temperatures. If the sterilization process succeeds in eliminating the colony of specific heat-resistant spores (through heating, steam, radiation…) during a set time of sterilisation, this indicates that the sterilisation has been done correctly and all other microbes have also been eliminated.

EBioindicators come in many different sets, depending on the type of sterilisation process used and the required concentration of spores. One of the most commonly used is SterilControl® for control of heat/steam autoclave or SterilTest® and StripControl® for steam sterilisation.

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We also supply chemical indicators of sterilisation for regular control or destruction of biological material.

Control De Esterilizacion