ATCC Licensed Derivative ®


CultiControl™ lyophilized microorganisms by Liofilchem® are freeze-dried reference stock culture preparations containing a single strain of a microorganism. These preparations are intended for use in quality assurance for culture media and industrial use.


Cepas De Referencia Atcc

QuantiCultiControl ™

Quanti-CultiControl ™ are lyophilized, quantitative microorganism preparations ready to be rehydrated and used in industrial laboratories for quality control. 

Quanti-CultiControl™ are suitable to be employed in sterility testing (Growth Promotion Test, GPT) recommended by the international Pharmacopoeiae, without need of intermediate dilution steps, since each rehydrated suspension generates less than 100 UFC for every 0.1 mL inoculum. Each suspension (2 mL) allows 19 inocula.

Atcc Licensed

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