Microbiologic Control

Dehydrated culture media

Medios Cultivo Deshidratados

MicroPlanet® distributes culture media for microbiology of internationally renowned brand LIOFILCHEM®, as well as our own brand ALLMEDIA®, so that you have access to the best quality and value. All products are always manufactured under ISO9001 standards with strict control regulations to guarantee the top quality in our catalogue.

All our products meet the formulation of the AOAC, APHA, UPS and ISO standards and are recommended for use in microbiologic labs for medical diagnosis and industrial control.

Using only pure ingredients and high quality tryptones from countries exempt from viral diseases (BSE), our manufacturers guarantee optimum growth on every lot backed by strict control with ATCC® bacteria and following strict production guidelines. Our manufacture partners also produce selected enhancers and enrichment agents in liquid or lyophilised form, necessary for preparation of culture media that require antibiotics and growth factors for isolation of fastidious microorganisms.

Ready to use culture media

Medios Cultivo Preparados

We produce a wide range of media in ready-to-use dishes:

  • 90 mm petri dishes for enrichment, selective media, chromogenic media,...
  • Square dishes and large format (140 mm)
  • 90 mm petri dishes with 2 and 3 sections.
  • 60 mm Contact plates (Rodac)
  • 55 mm plates for membrane filtration

Tubes with liquid, semi-liquid and solid media for enrichment, search and identification of any type of microorganism in various formats (9 ml, 10 ml and 15 ml)

100/200/500 ml bottles with solid media (for plate dosage) and liquid preparations for enrichment.

Flexible Contact Slide® for microbiological screening of surfaces or dip slides like Uritest® with 2, 3 and 5 simultaneous culture media for screening of urine samples.

Dehydrated plates

Placas Deshidratadas

All-Dry® Plates dehydrated plates are advised for optimisation of processes and reduction of waiting time in microbiological study. These plates are approved internationally for use in diagnosis as an alternative to traditional methods.

Pathogen identification

Identificacion Patogenos

We provide quick identification methods for pathogenic microorganisms (Salmonella, Listeria, E.coli, etc.) such as FoodSystem®, VIP®, 1-2 TEST® as well as immunoenzimatic determination (ELISA), and alternatives to ISO/AOAC methods which are fully approved for a wide range of food matrix.

Bacterial identification

Confirmacion Bacteriana

Our product catalogue includes all kinds of biochemical tests for bacterial identification and panel systems for identification like EnteroPluri® Test, EnteroSystem®, ListeriaSystem®, StaphSystem®, Oxi-Ferm® Pluri Test, latex kits for immunologic confirmation, etc.

PCR Real time

Pcr Realtime

We provide GDS® kits for PCR Real Time by Biocontrol® for high-sensitivity control in food industry: Salmonella spp, Listeria spp, Listeria monocytogenes, E.Coli, E.coli O157:H7, STEC, Top STEC, MPX Top STEC, Cronobacter, Shiga Toxinas and control of Legionella spp/L.pneumophila.