General Laboratory Supplies

From sample preparation to complete microbiological analysis

Disposable material

Material De Laboratorio FungibleSince our beginnings we have always combined the supply of products from our partner brands with a wide range of basic everyday material for bacteriological labs. Our customers regularly demand one-use material such as sponges, brushes, sample bags, pipette tips, petri dishes, stomacher bags, filtration membranes, gloves, etc. and we only provide material from trusted manufacturers.

We currently supply all common lab material on a regular order basis and on one-time orders.

Like the rest of our catalogue, lab material is distributed to locations throughout Spain. Get in touch for a quote that meets your needs.


Material De Laboratorio EquimamientoWe cover all your needs for lab equipment: we provide full equipment for microbiological labs, and we offer an optional service to assemble it for you upon request.

We supply all types of equipment: small equipment such as Bunsen burners, stomachers, shakers, filtration ramps, or lab ovens, colony counters and automatic platers, laminar flow hoods… anything you need for analysis processes in the laboratory.

We will be happy to offer our experienced advice on what model or brand to choose depending on you specific needs: let us help you.