Hygiene control

For immediate screening of surfaces in food industry we offer Clean-Test® (quick and easy detection of residual proteins) or MVP ICON® luminometer (immediate ATP detection system for surfaces and liquids such as cleaning water, CIP systems, etc.). MVP ICON® is unique in the market for being multiparametric, featuring an inbuilt hygiene scale with several patents in its design and technology.


For microbiological screening of surfaces we offer Contact Slide© culture slides in different formulas for detection and qualitative/quantitative monitoring (aerobic organisms, enterobacteria, moulds and yeast, etc.) as well as RODAC plates for quantitative monitoring of microorganisms, packed in see-through blister packs made of a food grade material. These are wrapped individually for easy transport and individual use, and don’t contain aluminium in the packaging to avoid metal contamination in the workspace.

We supply ContamSwab® sterile swabs with selective media for identification of pathogenic microorganisms on surfaces (Listeria spp, E.Coli, Salmonella…) with results in 24h. We also supply other quick tests that include surface sampling in their use protocol.

Air Sampler (available in 55 mm or 90 mm format) allows automatic air sampling for environmental hygiene screening.

Contam Swab
Contact Slide
Contact Slide®