About us


The history of MicroPlanet Laboratorios Ltd. started in 2000 as a specialised supplier of laboratory products and equipment, as well as services related to quality control, industrial production, research and medical diagnosis.

Currently, our work is divided into two areas: Laboratory and Industrial. We will endeavour to meet your needs in any specific field within these two areas.

Our Laboratory division is formed by a highly experienced team, which specialises in products for microbiology, cell biology, histology, genetics and biochemistry. Our Industry division is formed by professionals trained in industrial production, quality control, safety and hygiene. Both teams coordinate with our Admin and Logistics group to make sure we deliver the best results to you.

We currently manage exclusive distribution in Spain for top international brands like LIOFILCHEM, BIOCONTROL, VERMICON, MWE, BRADY, NORAYBIO and GOODFELLOW – which form the most part of our product and service catalogue.

Our Mission

As a business, we aim to provide our clients with the best options and highest quality products to improve the quality and efficiency of their work.

Our Vision

We want to be our clients’ reference provider, and we work to achieve that with high standards of quality and reliability for all our products and services.

Our Values

We believe that honesty, efficiency, responsibility and solvency are the key values to achieve our goals of loyalty towards customers and provides.

Codigo Etico
Our Ethics

All our commercial activity is carried out under a strict code of ethics. We are committed to sustainable development, and we respect the needs of our society and the environment.

Quality Policy

MicroPlanet Laboratories sl considers as primary business the distribution and marketing of products and services for laboratory activities, thus providing improvements in quality and productivity at the work of our customers, always according to the quality required by the International Standard ISO 9001: 2015 

Therefore, our quality policy statement includes the guidelines listed below: 

  1. Commitment to fulfill the demands, requirements and explicit and implicit prospects of our customers, as well as legal and regulatory requirements.
  2. To spread, in all levels of our structure, the objectives and quality criteria.
  3. To implement the Quality Indicators, as well as track the very same level of progress, so that allows us to know and ensure both product and quality level desired by our client.
  4. To ensure that the working conditions are optimal by assessing the possible risks willing to take place in the process, removing them as much as possible and then reducing the evaluated ones.
  5. To develop continuous training programs, aimed at the best qualification of our employees, so that we involve all of the staff in the process of achieving the objectives that are being set out in this document.
  6. To consolidate the process of continuous improvement in the performance of all the activities involving the Company.
  7. To encourage and get a motivation-friendly environment for all the members of the company. 

The Directorate makes this policy accessible and available for its customers, employees, suppliers and for general public. 

Our Policy is kept up by means of periodical reviews, included in the main system reviews taken place by the same management, in order to consider all changes in both environmental conditions and information received. In this regard, the direction provides and will provide all the human, technical and financial resources needed to achieve the regularly scheduled objectives and goals to be established. 

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Certified Company ISO:9001

We have ISO9001: 2015 quality certification for the distribution and comercialization of products and services for laboratory and industry.

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Our Clients

We have grown and expanded throughout several locations in Spain, along with our clients: self-employed professionals, multinationals, public and private companies, all united in one common denominator: their trust in our company and in our work.
  • Agriculture and food industry
  • Water treatment industry
  • Pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Clinical diagnosis and Veterinary laboratories
  • Universities and government bodies
  • Research centres
  • Public and private hospitals