Residues Control Product


Microplanet Alertox Sticks

Allergens are substances that are prone to trigger an allergic reaction (hypersensitivity) even on exposure to low concentrations of a product, which can cause serious harm to a susceptible person’s health.

Due to the health risks derived from consumption of allergens, current EU legislation regulates the presence of certain substances in foodstuffs. MicroPlanet® offers the AlerTox® Sticks range for quick and detection and count (10 min) of all kinds of allergens in food and surfaces.


Microplanet Glutentox

Gluten is the common name of a mixture of insoluble proteins (gliadins and glutenins) found in wheat, barley and rye. Gluten sensitivity affects almost 1% of the population of Europe and North America. People suffering from gluten sensitivity have a high immunologic response to ingested gluten, which results in a combination of symptoms such as anemia, joint pain, fatigue, infertility, dermatitis or neurologic diseases, commonly referred to as Coeliac disease.

We supply test kits for quick detection of gluten on surfaces like GlutenTox-Pro®, or GlutenTox-Sticks® detection of gluten thresholds in food at every step of production.

ELISA format test kits also allow quantification of gluten in a sample: Transia® Plate Gluten, Transia® Plate Prolamins and GlutenTox® Pro test kits give you a wide range of options to choose from for quantification.


Microplanet Micotox

Mycotoxins are a type of metabolite produced by moulds and yeasts. Diseases caused by food contaminated with these residues are called Mycotoxicosis.

EU laws regulate maximum allowed content of mycotoxins in foodstuffs: Total aflatoxins, Aflatoxin B1 and Aflatoxin M1, DON, Zearalenone, fumonisins, T-2, Ochratoxin A, Citrinin, trichothecenes….

Transia® test kits by Biocontrol come in immunoenzymatic test kits in ELISA format.


Microplanet Maia Test
MAIA Test® (Microplate Acetylcholinesterase Inhibition Assay)is a kit for detection of pesticides (organophosphates, organochlorides and carbamates) in water, food and beverages. It comes in ELISA format for ease of use and is advised for use as screening method for detection of residue in samples.